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Thai sex tourist has access to all of the pussy in Asia, right? You bet I do, I get to fuck and get fucked by anything with a horny pussy between their legs. I have more than enough of this to last me awhile and anytime I need more dick sucking, I just need to walk down the street for a few minutes and it comes to me, literally.

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Thai sex tourist, you say? Well why the hell not, look what I get to do using that guise. These girls love white guys and their cocks, wallets and well, just everything about us, so I wanted to go on my own version of a trip and make my own rules, and none of them seemed to mind when I showed up, it was like bringing drugs to a drug addict, they were more than anxious to compete for my attentions.

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When I met this girl and let her know I was a Thai Sex Tourist, she was all too anxious to show me around the city where she lived. She was hot and horny and ready for a break when I suggested we go back to my room for drinks and she was willing, only then did I find out how damn horny she was. She practically ripped my clothes off, jumped on the bed and spread her wet pussy lips apart showing me her waiting honey hole.

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Gorgeous Thai Wan is the kind of girl that men like the Thai sex tourist dream about before embarking upon their adventures. From her sweet young face to her petite frame featuring supple tits and a sweet hairy pussy, she is John’s wet dream incarnate and she knows it.

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She spends the first part of their shoot showing him how perfect she is, something that the Thai sex tourist already knows well. When he finally can’t take it anymore he flips her over onto the bed and she allows him to enter her hairy pussy, taking him deep inside of her before riding him hard and cumming all over his throbbing dick.

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When John first met Pim he didn’t think she would be interested in fucking him, the Thai sex tourist, but that was before he knew about her dark side. Pim loves to show off her incredible body, especially her darkly colored spots. Her brown quarter sized nipples are her favorite asset, she just loves it when men take them into their mouth and suck at them like melt away chocolates.

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John happily obliges and it’s not long before he finds the darkness hiding between her legs. Her hairy wet pussy lips are dark and inviting, and John wastes no time getting himself all up in her incredibly tight pussy. The Thai sex tourist knows his way around a Thai beauties’ body, and this dark vacation leaves him feeling satisfied and happy.

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When John meets party girl Ning at a Thai strip club he knows he is in for a fun filled stop on his adventure as the Thai sex tourist. Ning loves showing travelers around town, especially when the tours end in her bed. She takes him home and shows him straight to the bedroom, where she collapses and spreads her legs wide, showing him how ready for his hard American dick she is.

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He love her supple tits and squeezes them hard, before giving her hairy pussy a little love. Ning wastes no time wrapping her skilled lips around his dick and tugging and sucking it hard. He is ready to get this Thai sex tourist act on the road though and quickly slides his cock into her hairy pussy, making this experienced party girl quiver with pleasure under the power of his huge cock.

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